‘Varjudemaa’ (‘The Land of Shadows’) is an instrumental album by Mauno Meesit. On this second album Meesit continues with the minimalist acoustic explorations that began on his previous album ‘Closer’, but this time the vocals are replaced by electric guitar feedbacks and the warm drones of echo machines, accentuating the acoustic guitars. The album features guest appearances by Tiit Kikas on violin and Jaagup Tormis on piano. ‘Varjudemaa’ has been released as Ltd Vinyl, CD and digital album by Meesit’s own record label Grainy Records.

“After the release of my previous album ‘Closer’ I thought about recording an instrumental album in the next couple of years but only few months went by when Estonian filmmaker Ergo Kuld offered me to write music for his new TV series ‘Varjudemaa’. His vision of the soundtrack was surprisingly similar to what I wanted next to creatively explore. We had such a great synergy from the start that I even didn't have to make any changes to the music I recorded. I wrote it as my instrumental dream album and at the same time I was inspired by excellent actors, text, visuals and the Estonian nature associated with the series,” explains Meesit. 

“I recorded most of the album in my summer house near lake Maardu, where it was easy to get in sync with the wild, close-to-the-roots atmosphere of ‘Varjudemaa’. There I created a setup of microphones, a guitar amplifier, and a series of effect pedals that allowed me to record most of the music with minimal post-production and a dynamic similar to a live performance, in the spirit of focusing on the moment at hand.” 

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